“Digital design is like painting, except the paint never dries.” - Neville Brody

‘’All our knowledge
has its origin in our perceptions.’’

Andrew Knutt

About Me & My Art

I’ve been in the creative industries for 25 years but often work in realms that support others who create art works and music. With an established background in technology, design, digital and business it was refreshing to finally showcase the artworks I have created.

I love to experiment and play with artworks and only recently publicly declared myself as a digital artist due to having exhibited in galleries and sold works to the public.

Having experience in media, film, animation and design I hope this comes through in all my work and having access to art and design contacts and skills I am able to curate work using the talents of others and I thank all who contribute to my portfolio.

I am also co-founder of an arts centre in Taunton and support the arts and culture sector through a sector support organisation.

Art, Music, Poetry, Film & Media.

I love to create things especially if they move me or simple challenge my knowledge on creating something. From words to art and music all have a part in my life.

I have my own music on SoundCloud (Andy Knutt) and of course this website for my art works. I also write songs, poetry and love playing with film and media. It’s not all down to my own skills as often I use tools to ease the process of creation.

At present I am working on a new project which involves 3D projections in outside environments but this will take 12 months to master, create and delivery. Watch this space.

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Listening to others is great as long as its positive so why send your comments, requests or questions to me. If you would like to have any of my work printed and framed then simple send me a link to that image with your details. Most are A2 or smaller. Payments made via PayPal or bank transfer. Online buying will be available soon.